Careful Handling Of Family Law Issues Involving Abuse And Neglect

The West Virginia attorneys at Flanigan Law Office understand the issues you face when allegations of abuse or neglect arise. Because of the impact that potential abuse and neglect can have upon the entire family, our firm takes immediate action in resolving such matters. We also appreciate the sensitive nature of such issues, and handle such cases with the utmost care.

Providing Comprehensive Representation In Abuse And Neglect Cases

Victims of abuse and neglect require protection to prevent family violence from happening in the future. Such abuse leads to the destruction of the family.

False allegations of abuse and neglect also result in the destruction of family relationships. Such allegations can permanently damage your personal and professional reputation.

Whatever your circumstances, it is important to have experienced representation on your side to protect your rights. At Flanigan Law Office, our lawyers can file divorce actions on behalf of our clients where abuse and neglect is present. We also take action in filing protection orders to keep the individual guilty of abuse or neglect away. Our office has the necessary resources available to us to investigate abuse and neglect claims. We know how to establish abuse and neglect are occurring in court. We have significant experience in providing effective representation at all stages of such matters.

The actions we take can help you and your family start over. We help everyone we represent understand their options and what they will face when going through the legal process. We will also be straightforward in the advice we give regarding the best possible strategy and your chances for success.

Putting Your Needs And Concerns First

Attorney Paige Flanigan has assisted those facing situations involving abuse and neglect. Whether it is through negotiation or litigation, she will look out for the best interests of you and your family.

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