Do Not Go Through The Divorce Process Alone

A divorce can impact everything meaningful in your life. It can involve your children, family, home, savings and future. The outcome of a divorce can have consequences for the remainder of your life. A skilled family law lawyer can look out for your interests during the entire divorce process. A lawyer who has been in family law court before also understands the impact decisions may have during the divorce process.

Attorney Paige Flanigan, of Flanigan Law Office, in Princeton, has been representing and advising West Virginia clients regarding a wide variety of divorce issues for many years. She understands the advantages and disadvantages of taking certain types of action when pursuing a divorce. She will provide you straightforward, professional and honest advice regarding your divorce circumstances.

When Attorney Representation Is Absolutely Essential

It is important to understand that mistakes made during the divorce process can have lasting consequences. And when a divorce is challenging or stressful, mistakes can multiply. A good attorney can prevent mistakes from occurring. Just some of the circumstances where having a divorce attorney can prove beneficial include:

  • Circumstances where you are unable to work through important issues with your spouse, including child custody and visitation, support or alimony, and property division
  • Allegations of domestic violence or neglect arise
  • There are disagreements concerning relocation of the children
  • Both you and your spouse are in possession of significant assets, including retirement accounts and real estate
  • You or your spouse are self-employed or receive significant revenue from a sole proprietorship, partnership or family-run business
  • There are concerns that your spouse will not abide by any agreements the two of you make
  • You have concerns that the divorce will be unusually expensive and contentious

Besides providing experienced representation in a courtroom, attorney Paige Flanigan can resolve challenging issues through negotiation and alternative forms of dispute resolution such as mediation. Due to her experience in dealing with a wide variety of scenarios regarding divorce, she can offer fresh perspectives and proven solutions.

By keeping tensions to a minimum, Flanigan Law Office can prevent situations from turning into expensive and time-consuming ordeals. And because we are advocates and understand your short-term and long-term concerns, the representation and guidance we provide can prevent issues from arising at a later date.

Put Experienced Family Law Representation On Your Side

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