Providing Professional And Reputable Estate Representation Services

Under West Virginia estate law, executors and executrixes have tremendous responsibility concerning estate representation. This process can be confusing. Mistakes while performing their duties can also result in significant expense and waste of time.

Attorney Paige Flanigan has been providing guidance to executors and executrixes throughout Mercer, McDowell, Raleigh, Greenbrier and other surrounding counties. This includes adhering to the process put forth by the particular county commission. The guidance she provides as a lawyer helps all those she represents understand the process. More importantly, such guidance can prevent mistakes from arising to begin with, which may result in the need for court intervention.

Understanding The Complex Estate Representation Process

EstateThe naming of an executor and executrix may be through a will or by appointment. In either instance, the process will go much more smoothly through correct administration of the duties. The process can be incredibly complex, and self-help forms found on the internet are not generally helpful. The process can include attending hearings, attending to appraisements and abiding by a series of complex rules. As the process is challenging, it is important to have a skilled lawyer on your side every step of the way.

At Flanigan Law Office, in Princeton, we guide you through the legally complicated process. Our guidance provides you with the information you need. We also can put you in touch with tax professionals and other resources in helping you perform your duties. And we will be with you during any hearings or conferences you may need to attend. Due to our experience, we can provide you a realistic idea of what the outcome may be.

Reputation For Providing Competent Representation

Flanigan Law Office has a reputation for taking on challenging estate representation matters. For this reason, a large portion of the business we receive comes through referrals from other attorneys and satisfied clients. As we pay great attention to detail, we have a record of success in estate representation cases.

Taking The Burden Off Of You

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